I Survived Another Year

Even though my year at the ATC doesn’t end until June 15, I have survived my fourth year as a teacher. This year was a decent year, at least I think it was. Joe and I improved the Office Technology Program in several ways.  For one, we gave out 53.8% more certificates. For another, we  improved our passing rate on  the Skill Standards Test by 18.2%.  And finally, we had  12 practicum students…

Somehow, even with these improved metrics, I have a feeling that the powers-that-be will be less-than-impressed.  Improve this much, and they want you to improve that much. "You can always do better" they say.  Of course I can always do better, but I’d be much happier is someone would accept the stairstep improvements that I have managed since I started. Slow and steady improvement will lead to great things.  I wish someone would recognize this fact and actually make me feel good about what I do everyday.  I don’t require constant validation, as I draw a lot on my inner self, but it would be easier to get out of bed every day if I felt like I was pleasing someone.

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