The Bachelor

So I haven’t been a bachelor for over three months now, but since Beck will be in Lexington until Thursday, I’ll have to revert to my old ways: Nuking something in the microwave to eat, sitting in the dark, not speaking to another human for several hours. It’s weird not seeing Beck: We talk on the phone, but anybody who knows me can tell you I don’t like talking on the phone. (For some reason, talking on the phone is harder for me. My ability to multi-task flies out the window when I have a phone to my ear.)

I know that me and Beck will survive being apart, but I miss the little stuff we do together that I have gotten so used to. Holding Beck for a few minutes in the morning is the thing I’ll miss the most. It was sad when 4:45 rolled around and no smiling little wife walked through the door. Missing her so much will only make Thursday night that much sweeter…When you’re used to having the love of your life with you, though, it seems like a frivolous sacrifice. *sigh*

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