My Favorite Firefox Extensions

I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox since version 0.8. I love it. It’s perhaps the best thing to happen to the Internet since Netscape 3.  One of the things I love about Firefox is that it is extensible. You can download hundreds of custom modifications to make Firefox tick just as you want.  Below is a list of the extensions I automatically install on every computer I plan on using for any length of time:

  • Web Developer Toolbar — An indespensible list to allow you to inspect any and every aspect of a webpage and its contents.  It’s the best thing I’ve ever seen for debugging CSS and DHTML code.
  • Tab X — Adds a close button to the corner of each open tab. Some people don’t like this, but I think it makes cleaning up a bunch of open web pages very easy.
  • Colorful Tabs — Makes sorting through tabs very easy, thanks to the soothing colors it assigns each tab.
  • Live HTTP Headers — Shows you exactly what’s being sent to the server. A web designers delight! I used it to debug a Smoothwall box just the other day!

If you don’t already have Firefox, get it now! You’ll be surfing faster and safer!

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