There’s a quietness in my soul that I haven’t felt since December. Many things are coming to an end very soon: the first year MAT cycle, the students’ school year, and my curriculum class. My favorite part of any task has always been when it’s all said and done and I have achieved closure. The best part is how well I sleep when I don’t have a bunch of small things keeping my brain up at night. I do a lot of problem solving in my sleep, but when there are no projects due or papers to write, my brain takes a break.

It’s odd that I don’t mind that the closure of one chapter always brings the opening of another. I mean, in about 3 weeks or so, I’m going to start another leg of this race that is more challenging than the one I just finished. I guess I like the page between chapters. You know, the one that has been left intentionally blank. In that little section, there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain. Sometimes, that’s the best place in the world to be.

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