Life is going great: I’m doing well at my job and with graduate school. It’s just too bad that I’m so bored with my routine. On the weekends, all I do is grade papers, plan, and do tedious work in search of my Masters degree. Grading papers and planning isn’t that bad, but if I have to write another reflection on educational philosophy, I think I’m going to slip into a permanant narcoleptic state!!! Grrrrr!!!

On a brighter note, I looked at a house for sale today. I really like it. If I can get the loan for it, I think I’ll go for it. It has redwood siding, and two rooms that were added on about 20 years ago are solid redwood. It’s gorgeous. Instead of throwing this rent money out the window, I’d like to build some equity. Somehow I don’t think I’ll get the loan, but who knows. I threw my hat into the ring. The most they can do is say “NO!”

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