A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. - Henry Adams
Jerry Smith's Digital Teaching Portfolio

Standard VIII: Demonstrates Knowledge of Content


One of my strongest attributes as a teacher is that I am very knowledgeable in my content area. I know business and I know technology. I have no doubt in my mind that I could have taken my skills and been very successful in the business world. While my mind may lie in the business world, my heart was set on teaching!

As evidence of my content knowledge, I will first present to you guides and presentations that I have created to help my students master content. Next, I will present some real-world projects I have completed which required a firm grasp of the skills I teach everyday. Finally, I will present test scores from standardized tests in my content area.

The Evidence

Content Guides

I have writen numerous skill guides for my students to reference. Below represents a few of those guides.

Lesson Plans

  • Standard I - If you refer to Standard I, you should be able to see that I know my content area based on the lessons I teach.

Certifications & Tests


I really don't like to hear the phrase, "Those who can't do teach." I am very capable of performing any and all the tasks I teach at any level. I take pride in my knowledge of business, marketing, and technology. I got into teaching because I thought it would be a blast to share the little tricks and shortcuts that none of my high school teachers were willing to impart. I feel that I have turned many of my students on to the power of applied technology because of the awareness and zeal I have for my content area. Obviously, I don't know everything there is to know, but I continue to read magazines like Business Week and PC Magazine to stay abreast of current changes and trends. I doubt my hunger to be more knowledgeable will be satisfied.

My extensive knowledge of my content area was almost a detriment when I first started teaching because I forgot what it was like not to just know some of the material. I had to work hard to make sure I was bringing the material down to the reference point of the students. At the same time, I will never water down the material the way some of my teachers did. It is insulting and the students will only achieve as much as we let them. I have no qualms against approaching the material differently to help them understand, but I want my students to realize that the business world is complex and requires many applied skills.

I really do love business and technology. The two are always intertwined and always changing. To me, this is very exciting. I hope to make show my students how exciting this truth really is. I don't expect every student to share my passion, but I hope that I can provide a good base that will allow those who do to exceed anything I have ever accomplished.