Learn How to Manage Files

The purpose of this site is to provide computer users with an introduction to file management in Windows. The techniques discussed on the site are applicable to Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Using this Site

While the information contained here can be used by any person or instructors in what ever order they choose, I recommend you start by browsing the Glossary, which will get you up-to-speed on some of the common terminology associated with dealing with Windows filesystems

After you have become familiar with the terminology, I recommend you take a look at the Video Demonstrations page. It features step-by-step videos showing computer users how to create and manage folders and how to navigate around a Windows file system. For those interested, the videos were created with the open source tool Wink.

After viewing the demonstrations, it is probably wise to check out the Recommended Reading links. It is not entirely neccessary to read these resources verbatim, however, they provide step-by-step written examples of dealing with common file management tasks and issues.

Finally, you can test your new-found knowledge of using the Windows filesystem by checking out the Exercise section.